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Charles, M.G. Borland, B.

Report on the development of sheep production systems in Dominica - (Dominica) 1990 - 24 p.

This project was executed by Marie Charles, National Livestock Research Assistant, supervised by Urban Martin, IICA's Office Coordinator and National Plant Protection Specialist and aimed to establish and monitor production/demonstration units for the generation and transfer of improved small scale sheep production technology. The Project was extended for one year in 1988 to encompass the Validation of the Sheep Production Systems in Dominica. The key personnel involved in the development and execution of the project are presented in Annex 1. The general objective of the Sheep Development Project was to expand and develop a viable sheep industry capable of contributing significantly to the agricultural diversification of Dominica by developing self sufficiency in mutton production at farm and national level. The Project officials collaborated closely with personnel the Livestock Division, Animal Health Unit, the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and CARDI to facilitate, foster and support the industry. Contents: 1) Sheep population; 2) Sheep production; 3) Sheep production and management systems; 4) Validation of improved sheep production and management systems; 5) Summary and conclusions of the study, and, annexes. (MIBA)