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Duque Portugal, A. Pinchinat, A.M. Alarcón, E. Pérez, R.

Perspectives for cooperation between Latin America and the Caribbean Proceedings - Castries (Santa Lucía) 1993 - p. 122-132 - Report, Results and Recommendations from Technical Events A2/LC (IICA) no. 93-002 0253-4746 .

The mission of the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA) is to generate, promote and transfer scientific and technological agriculture and agro-industry for the well-being of the Brazilian society, through the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection. It is acting through 37 units in different fields of agriculture, under diversified ecological conditions. The document presents work programmes in agricultural technology research and development, comparative areas of institutional strengths, institutional constraints, and current international cooperation linkages. (MIBA)