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Applewhaite, L.

Country report - Guyana Proceedings of RESANTILLAS IV and LABANTILLAS II - Georgetown (Guyana) 1987 - p. 1-5 - Ponencias, Resultados y Recomendaciones de Eventos Técnicos A2/GY (IICA) no. 87-001 0253-4746 .

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Considerable improvement in the veterinary manpower was achieved. Some 14 new veterinarians joined the services. This has not led to a concomitant improvement in the organisational structure and ability of the services to execute programmes. However, a new national regional system has been implemented but which unfortunately has served to increase the bureaucracy through which veterinarians must report. Serious problems of transportation in terms of lack of vehicles and mileage ceilings for veterinary personnel have surfaced. Shortage of veterinary equipment and other support resources have also been serious problem areas. The IICA-supported dairy development programmes were initiated. Cases of malabsorption syndrome in chickens, bovine leukosis, ovine trypanosomiasis and tick fevers are investigated. The ongoing TB and Brucellosis surveillance programme continued to make progress