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Rosenthal, I. Jackson, L. McPherson, L. Mara, R.

Development management in Africa the case of the North Shaba rural development project in Zaire - Washington, D.C. (EUA) 1985 - 78 p. - AID Evaluation Special Study (AID) no. 12 .

Sum. (En) Glo. (p. xiii-xiv); Mapa

The North Shaba Rural Development Project (Project North Shaba--PNS) has been controversial from its inception. It was anticipated that the project's isolated location in a corner of the country would present a challenge to good management. Nevertheless, the Government of Zaire, for macroeconomic, balance of payments, and political reasons wanted a maize production project in the Shaba area. The key substantive constraints to increased maize production and marketing in Shaba were (1) the lack of an efective system for testing and disseminating improved technical packages, (2) the difficulty of transporting production inputs, (3) the lack of a realiable grain marketing system, and (4) an exchange rate for the Zaire (the national currency) that discriminated against domestic production. Key management constraints were (1) inefficiency and corruption in the national Government; (2) insufficient knowledge by the Government and USAID of local agricultural and socioeconomic systems; and (3) physical isolation of the project zone, particularly the lack of adquate transportation and communication facilities for servicing project activities and personnel