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Campos, O. Rodríguez, E. Ugalde A, L.

Case study of sustainable agricultural development in the Hojancha region, Guanacaste, Costa Rica Report on a summaries - Cali (Colombia) 1991 - p. 11-13

Sólo Sum.

The papers describes the Centro Agricola Cantonal de Hojancha (CASH), formed in 1978. Factors that contributed to the success of the development of sustainable forestry and agriculture at Hojancha include development of an organizational and operational structure; and institutional development with regard to credit, education, communal organization, development associations, training, and agricultural extension. For sustainable development, there should be communication with bases, and periodical and systematic self-evaluation. Agricultural diversification was effective in solving the problem of emigration at Hojancha, allowing the local economy to grow. (MIBA)